2021 Shows

AFI SILVER THEATER, Silver Spring, Maryland.
Sat, Nov 6, 4:00 p.m. METROPOLIS (1927). The quintessential silent Sci-Fi Epic.
Sun, Nov 7, 2:00 p.m. THE GENERAL (1926). Buster Keaton’s masterpiece!
Sun, Nov 7, 4:30 p.m. UNDERWORLD (1927). The primordial Gangster Film!


Hamilton College, Clinton New York.
All students and faculty are vaccinated and we are pretty certain masks are required. Sept.18: 4:00pm. METROPOLIS. The quintessential silent Sci-Fi Epic. Sept.19: 2:00pm. THE GENERAL. Buster Keaton’s masterpiece!

August 28: SNF Nostos Festival, Athens, Greece.
The Anvil Orchestra will be performing live to the classic Sci-Fi masterpiece, METROPOLIS. This early Sci-Fi masterpiece is one of the most influential films ever made. You can clearly see its echoes in Blade Runner and many other films. This version is the 2010 version which includes 20 minutes of newly found footage added from South America. Adolph Hitler was so impressed by Metropolis that he asked Fritz Lang to work for his newly formed political party. Fritz Lang refused and fled to America. He continued making films in Hollywood. The film has, literally, a cast of thousands, and its epic nature is equaled by The Anvil Orchestra’s intensely rhythmic and atmospheric score.

Aug.10 Update:
It is unfortunate, but the CDC recently recommended that even vaccinated people do not go to Greece due to Covid. So instead of performing in Athens, we will record a virtual concert here in Vermont and it will be projected in the theater in Greece. Even without being in Athens, the show must go on! And The Anvil Orchestra will make that happen.

HERE is The Anvil Orchestra’s “Welcome to SNF Nostos” video.

We are planning for shows in the Fall, hoping that Covid will be gone. It’s about time.